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Below you will find a list of our Add-On Features you can choose from to enhance your dream aquarium

Low Iron Glass

Low-iron glass is a type of high-clarity glass that is made from silica with very low amounts of iron. This low level of iron removes the greenish tint that can be seen especially on larger and thicker sizes allowing other molecular imperfections to be easily seen. Low-iron glass is used for aquariums, display cases and other applications where high clarity is desired. Low-iron glass typically has a ferric oxide content of about 0.01%, ordinary plate glass has about 10x as much iron content........ When molten sand cools, it doesn't turn back into the gritty yellow stuff, it undergoes a complete transformation and gains an entirely different inner structure. Becomes to an amorphous solid state. It's like a cross between a solid and a liquid with some of the crystalline order of a solid and some of the molecular randomness of a liquid.

Hybrid Zero Overflow

This is an upgrade of the newest and most efficient overflow ever designed (Zero Overflow). Zero space taken from the inside foot print allowing better performance of water flowing within the aquarium, very sophisticated and amazing slick appeal. Consist in a removable acrylic weir inserted on a cavity cutoff notch on the glass itself at a desired length. An external box made of smoked glass is assembled to the back with up to four drain holes accepting any type of plumbing also capable of handling a closed loop drain system withdrawing water from the bottom of the aquarium if this is desired as well. 3,000 Gallons per hour or more depending on size.

Zero Overflow

The newest and most efficient overflow ever designed. Zero space taken from the inside foot print allowing better performance of water flowing within the aquarium, very sophisticated and amazing slick appeal. Consist in a row of narrow slots built into the glass itself at a desired length. An external box made of smoked glass is assembled to the back with up to four drain holes accepting any type of plumbing also capable of handling a closed loop drain system withdrawing water from the bottom of the aquarium if this is desired as well. 3,000 Gallons per hour or more depending on size.

Floating Bottom

A Floating Bottom consists in assembling the body around the bottom panel instead of being on top. The bottom panel is the first part of the building process in our company. On aquariums larger than 100 gallons we require the bottom panel to have hidden reinforcing braces to add structural strength to the entire unit, the minimum thickness of a finished product is (one) inch 1". We use the same method regardless of shape or size of the aquarium.

Double Euro Braces

The double euro brace is mostly used in large fish tanks to add strength to the upper body and to prevent glass panels from bowing out due to the pressure created by wave makers power heads and water volume , depending on size and shape of the aquarium sometimes Cross Braces are required to be assembled in addition as well.

Corner Seam Structure Reinforcing Braces

The CORNER SEAM STRUCTURE REINFORCING BRACES is an upgrade of the Corner Seam Concealer. This item has been designed not only to guard and protect the silicone seam from being damaged by sharp objects such as scrapers or magnets cleaners, but also to the integrity of the aquarium since is made of glass and its unique three dimensional shape feature also is a big help to the water flow within the aquarium since instead of obstruct the current, hides the inside corner helping flow water to freely revolve.

ABS Board For Bare Bottom

When setting up a sand-less aquarium the purpose of adding this board is protect the bottom panel from the rock-scape and avoid the reflection of the light for a better look of your fish and corals. ABS Board combines the strength and rigidity of acrylonitrile and styrene polymers with the toughness of polybutadiene rubber. It is considered superior for its hardness, semi gloss texture, toughness, and insulation properties.

Cabinetry Skirt panels 100% waterproof.

This 100% water resistant panels are supplied in the form of a mixture of composite and pvc foam core, laminated with high end acrylic on both sides. Two finishes are available - an ultra high gloss, and a velvet matte. Both finishes offer a smooth, flawless surface with an unsurpassed depth of colour and an amazing slick modern look.

ReefTops lids can also be customized according to the specifications of each Aquarium or Sump refugium. Providing a modern look, slick feel and most important the safety of your livestock. For more info please refer to: https://www.facebook.com/ReefTops/

The primary focus of the RFG or Random Flow Generator Nozzle is to transform the flow from your return lines into a beneficial random pattern as opposed to just a flow accelerating. With the RFG Nozzle you can create a more natural environment with a random flow pattern with no moving parts. Plus, the RFG Nozzle moves more water while redirecting the flow in a random pattern allowing you to crank up the GPH on your return pump without blasting your coral or aquascape. For more info please refer to : https://vividcreativeaquatics.com/

About Us

Our Aproach

We believe in openness.

Different people see things from different perspectives and through their own filters and experiences. As such, it is important that everybody’s opinion counts. My office door is always open and people can always come to me with their ideas and thoughts, whether it is to improve on existing systems or practices, or whether it is to propose new ideas. 

Due to such open interaction and discussion as a team, we can come up with innovative new ideas or solutions to existing problems. This gives us the ability to enhance or improve on what we have and to differentiate. Only then can we stay ahead of the competition.


Tankme USA INC. was established in Miami by the Senior Principal Gaston D. Bianchi. 

As a gifted craftsman he devoted most of his youth to manufacturing and innovation. A few years ago Gaston was introduced to the hobby of aquarism and marine world. Fascinated by it he started to fabricate small size aquariums and put them through the worst tests to determine what improvements were necessary to build glass aquariums that last forever. Looking beyond the thresholds of perfection and using top quality materials meticulously assembled, master pieces are created.

From  the beginning, we have made it our commitment to question the status quo. Our philosophy towards custom built aquariums consists of complete dedication to our clients and projects, hunger for success and focused abilities to provide the best solutions  no  matter the project.

Detailed craftsmanship can only be achieved with  time and dedication, consulting our clients’s ideas together with the advise of our team of professionals we deliver custom built aquariums.

Gaston D. Bianchi

Tankme USA Inc. focuses on creating the finest personalized Glass Aquariums.

Developing and innovating beyond the limits of perfection has allowed us to build a team of professionals with the common goal of bringing our client’s dreams to life.

Every project is a new challenge and is met by a completely fresh perspective, and never accepting the status quo.

Tankme USA team is dedicated to developing innovative methodologies.

We look to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our custom aquariums in order to provide the best product.


Nation wide on site assembling only when access is limited for a certain size Aquarium or other considerable reasons

Why Choose Us?

Passionate & Trustworthy

With the common goal of bringing our client's dreams to life. We want you to enjoy your custom built tank with the ease of mind. Clarity between us so you are updated and aware of the status of your tank.

Detailed Craftsmanship

We assemble your glass meticulously with refine quality resources. Resources such as low-Ion Glass and Black Silicone to give your custom built aquarium a polished look, sleek feel, and superior performance.

Reasonable Pricing

We take our time and care into your custom dream glass aquarium. We aren't a mass producer, we are a specialty. We will consult and advise with you to achieve your needs. And because of that we believe that there is a price that is fair for both of us to agree on.


We Appreciate Your Support and Truly Value Your Feedback .

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Average rating:  
 12 reviews

Dream Come True for Curlew Coral LLC !!! Great Craftsmanship and collaboration on a custom build. Gaston @tankmeusa went above and beyond on this project from start to delivery AAAAA +

Thank you very much !!! It was an honor for us to be a part of this project...

by Kevin Francis Gabriel Horgan on

Every build I’ve seen in person is beyond exceptional, from the custom everything lol. Glass, silicone seams, guards to keep corners from being scraped off that are invisible, overflow placement and size, thickness, starboard/no starboard. You guys have no idea how hooked I am on these tanks and the want and desire for one!!! Hopefully sooner then later...

by Jerry Cooper on

The quality and level of craftsmanship Gaston builds in his tanks is unbelievable.
He built my latest tank, and it is just amazing. His attention to detail is unreal.
His customer service is second to none. A great company to deal with.
I would recommend him to anyone. I am so glad I chose him for my build.

by John Hernandez on

Gaston's attention to detail and his inability to accept nothing less than perfection truly show in his work. I would highly recommend anyone looking to setup a custom tank give him a call.

Great work and customer service

One of the best tank builders I have ever seen and definitely the best customer service around. The double stacked frag tanks I had built are flawless and the attention to detail is on OCD level. I can't wait to get my custom large display built in the future.

by Nathaniel Wayne Brooks on
One of the best, if not the best tank builders out there!

You are really taking Aquariums to the next level. I have seen some very well designed and artistic tanks over the years and your blowing those out of the water, very, very impressed with your work! keep it up Gaston Bianchi!

Those little sparks from big people like you, are the things that keeps us motivated to innovation and perfection. Thank you very much!

by Kevin clark on
Rimless Aquarium 96"X30"x18"

Just had my tank delivered by TankMe USA. It’s as incredible in person as they look in the pictures. The build quality is extraordinary. If you’re on the fence with choosing a tank builder, don’t be, these tanks are above and beyond.


When the market is saturated with tank builders that will build a tank just to make their money it's easy to tell who is passionate about their work. Gastón was not only patient and professional he was truly excited about our tank build. After many drawing and years in my head I am glad I picked Tankme USA to build GotZilla. This is not only my dream tank but also a huge investment. I recommend Gastón with the highest regard at building tanks. Thanks again for bringing my idea to life.

Great quality and service

Im a proud owner of this beauty built by Tankme USA. Dimensions are 74"x36" x 28" tall starphire front with Euro brace no cross braces. Gaston is very good at what he does and it shows. His tanks are the best tank available out there now the attention to details and quality is amazing. I have seen many of the other top custom tank builders  and personally can say that Im proud I choose Tankme USA to do the right job.

by Llilian Perez on

Very nice quality and designs !!!!

by Andy Zelko on

Amazing quality and very professional aquariums. Highly recommend this company, Gaston Bianchi was very helpful designing my tank

by Jake Wise on

Great workmanship. If you are looking for a fantastic glass tank manufacturer look no further.

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THE LIGHTWEIGHT 100% WATER RESISTANT material we use is supplied in the form of a composite core with acrylic laminated panels. An ultra high gloss finish offering a smooth, flawless surface with an unsurpassed depth of colour.
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