314 Gallons Peninsula style combo

220 Gallons Rimless 96″x30″x18″ Jacksonville, Florida

350 Gallons Wellington Florida 84″x32″x30″H

300 Gallons Rimless walk around 96″x36″x20″

Zero Overflow Test.

420 Gallons Coast 2 Coast ZERO OVERFLOW

NAKED 420 Gallons Coast 2 Coast ZERO OVERFLOW

California 337 Gallons before shipping

Georgia 320 Gallons 96″x24″x32″H

100 Gallons Rimless Peninsula Style Boca Raton, Florida

280 Reef tank and cubes building

100 Gallons Peninsula Rimless

90 Gallons Frag tanks Rimless

OUR VERY FIRST CUSTOM BUILT. taking advantage of every single inch of space and avoiding a column